Success Stories

What clients are saying about Deck Rejuvenations.

“We must say Bill, your display booklet does not do justice to the finished product. Our 15 year old distressed deck is now new again. Amazing. Also your crew of young men are a credit to you. Your company, from our point of view, runs like clockwork.”

— Jim and Patrice M

“Thanks to a very hard working and pleasant crew! I was impressed that they worked until 7:45pm in order to complete the job”

— Doris A

“Bill - James did an excellent job. The deck looks great! Check is enclosed.”

— Thanks, Pam G

“Bill, The deck looks fantastic- Thanks you! :-)”

— Paul + Zach

“Dear Bill, my wife and I would like to thank you for an amazing transformation of our deck! Your guys were on time and actually worked while they were here! They cleaned up after themselves VERY WELL.”

— Thank you Bill and Team Sincerely, Pastors Gary and Traci C

“Thank you! Our deck looks great! We are happy to recommend”

— David

“Bill, Thanks for a great job”

— Alan

“Thank you! What a wonderful difference! Definitely not a "tired looking" deck now”

— Li H

“We are very impressed with your crew. They did a great job. All are very hard working and polite. Very nice young men. Thank you.”

— Jim B

“Your crew was outstanding - Hard workers, paid attention to detail - did great work. Burt was outstanding to work with he is a real complement to your company.”

— Penn S

“Bill, The deck looks great! Appreciate your ability to do the work quickly; my wife is going to be very surprised.”

— Sincerely, Dave Y.

“Hi Bill The front looks great! James did a wonderful job! Thank him for me.”

— Pat

“Thank you - The decks look great”

— Bob C

“Thank you fo the great job!”

— esm

“Thank you so much. What a great job! We are very pleased. The young men are such hard workers.”

— Jon N

“Fantastic job Bill”

— Thanks so much! Meagan S

“Dear Bill, Thanks to you and your team for a fine piece of work restoring our deck. I think we made the right decisions along the way with your help.”

— Best wishes, Bruce D

“Thanks Bill. Deck looks great + Justin and the guys did a great job”

— Thanks, Dan

“Thank you. The deck looks great”

— Carl

“Great work! Happy to be a reference if needed”

— Sara

“Hi Bill, Thanks! Your team did a great job and are great guys. I'll go give DR a good review on Yelp and let you know.”

— Best, Lisa

“Thanks for the great work + for finishing up Aug 30 & 31st before my function.”

— Christina M.

“Thanks so much! The deck looks great!”

— Dan B.

“Thanks Bill The Deck looks great + your guys worked hard”

— Pam

“Thanks. The deck looks great. The guys worked really hard & I appreciate it.”

— Paul G.

“Bill Thank you so much for doing a great job. I hope you stay well.”

— Margaret

“Deck looks awesome!!! Great Crew!”

— Thanks, Laura

“The deck looks awesome! Thanks for all your hard work! We'll be sure to use you again + tell our friends!”

— Shari W. :-)

“Bill, Thank you! The deck looks beautiful.”

— Carol

“Hi Bill, The deck looks fantastic. I have never seen it look like "new" before. Your employees are hard workers...don't think they stopped for a break much at all. We really appreciate everything.”

— as ever, Mary

“Bill- Thanks so much. The deck was looking so nice my wife and I couldn't leave the houseboat as planned. We stayed another day to admire your work. Come by and visit your work any time”

— Bruce

“Hi Bill- Many thanks for my beautiful deck. Had an awesome Fathers Day picnic! Hope your summer is great!”

— gratefully Linda

“Thanks a bunch! The deck looks great! See you in a couple of years.”

— Bill I

“Bill - you are so awesome! Our decks look great! I will definately recommend you to all my friends and family!”

— Stacy H

“Bill Thank you for a job well done. The deck looks great and your crew was great to work with”

— Brian & Leslie

“Bill- Deck looks great! Thanks for everything”

— Jarrett

“The deck looks great! Thanks so much. I'll add an A++ to Angie's List”

— Thanks again Blake

“Thanks Bill. Decks look great. Gladly recommend your work to friends and neighbors”

— Ed B

“Bill, Thank you very much for such a beautiful job you've done on my back yard deck. you can definately use my name as reference and I will be happy to recommend you to any one for this kind of job. It was done in detail and very clean! ”

— Thanks again Nashid

“The decks look great! We wish we would have contacted you and your crew last year so we could have enjoyed it longer before we moved out.”

— Enzo

“Hi Bill, Thanks very much. Deck looks great.”

— Mary M

“Bill + Crew, thanks for your hard work!”

— the Velascos

“We were very impressed with the workmanship of the crew- very professional”

— T & M

“Thank you! The deck looks fantastic”

— R

“Bill - Thank you very much. We're very happy with the results. Please send me your email and I'll send you photo - Before & After & In the process”

— Tim

“Thanks Bill. It all turned out great!”

— Lou

“Thank you Bill for sending your crew over. They were excellent! I'm really happy with the deck and I'm so pleased to have found Deck Rejuvenations!”

— D

“Thanks! Great job! :-)”

— Louanne

“Bill, I was so impressed with the job done and the guys were wonderful. ”

— Thank you Bob

“Thank you for the beautiful work. I am very pleased with my "new deck"”

— Martha M.

“Thank you! It looks good :-)”

— Becca

“Bill, Thank you! The deck looks so much better”

— Deb

“Bill- Thank you so much for the stunning change you've made in our deck! It's really a night and day difference - thanks again for all of your hard work”

— Karen and Rob

“Your guys did a great job, I'll call for treatment #2 next September”

— GB

“Bill, your guys did an amazing job!”

— Thanks, Reva + Terry

“Thank you for such a beautiful job you've done on my back yard deck. You can definitely use my name as a reference and I will be happy to recommend you to any one for this kind of job. It was done in detail and very clean!”

— Bill P.

“I am pleased, and I appreciate their attention to my desire to honor my husband's memory by having a first-class job on the deck.”

— Margarete H.

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