Pressurized streams of water erode the softer spring wood located between the darker bands of summer wood. If the tip of a pressure washer is brought too close it can easily scar wood and rip off "slivers" or "tongues". The unmuffled noise can be enough to wake the baby 2 doors down. Why do people employ them? It is a tool used to cut labor costs and bolster profit margin. While a great tool for other applications we at Deck Rejuvenations never use them. We employ a workforce of dedicated laborers armed with the proper cleaners and equipment to take care of your deck with just regular garden hose pressure. This labor is hard to find, train, and retain. Successful customer service based compensation opportunities keep everyone satisfied (customer-employee-employer).

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“Bill, Thank you very much for such a beautiful job you've done on my back yard deck. you can definately use my name as reference and I will be happy to recommend you to any one for this kind of job. It was done in detail and very clean! ”

— Thanks again Nashid

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