Board & Baluster Replacement

We may have started out 10 years ago as a refinishing company that occasionally replaced a few boards, but now we have a dedicated team that specializes in doing the 1/2 to full decking replacement jobs. These crew members are the most talented members of the company who have worked their way up over several decking seasons. They have the experience, knowledge, and equipment available to rebuild your deck to original condition. We put our knowledge of how a deck ages into how we redo the deck. Top mount nails/screws are replaced with side mount invisible screws. Spacing is corrected for expansion as well as minimum debris collection. The boards themselves are EACH hand picked to eliminate flat grain, overly knotted, and damaged boards. We maximize board length to minimize butt joints. We don't have wood contacting wood unless one of the pieces is pressure treated lumber. We don't cap off the ends of the boards with a facia, but rather place the facia underneath the overhanging deck boards. These few points along with a host of other accumulated knowledge is essential for the best and most long lasting result.

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“Thank you so much. What a great job! We are very pleased. The young men are such hard workers.”

— Jon N

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