No Pressure Washing

High pressure streams of water easily erode the soft light-colored spring wood that is found in between the darker bands of summer wood on each piece of lumber.

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No Harsh Chemicals

Hydroxide based stain removers destroy the lignin, or glue, that hold together wood fibers. Another unwanted side effect is the creation of a high pH environment allowing fungi, lichen, and moss to grow. Don't we value cedar's natural acidity or low pH?

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No Sprayers

The deck should be done after roof, gutter, and siding maintenance. We apply stain ONLY to the deck.

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Best Products

You have followed the instructions to the letter. Why did this nationwide product fail in 6-12 months? It said it would last 4 years on the can. Consumer Reports said it was top rated!

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About Us

Established in 2004, Deck Rejuvenations has rejuvenated more than 1000 decks. Our INITIAL customer satisfaction rating is 98%. We follow up to correct anything the other 2% needs. This has resulted in a near perfect track record online.

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Our 'Closed Loop Service' Will Leave You Satisfied

From the initial inquiry, to the free in home estimate provided by the owner, to the transformation you will be wondering why other contractors can't run this smoothly.

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“Bill - you are so awesome! Our decks look great! I will definately recommend you to all my friends and family!”

— Stacy H

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